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it was nineteen dats away....   
09:00am 02/09/2006
mood: confused

it was nineteen days ago when i last had a day off...

make hot water... forget about it...

clean french press, grind coffee.... f'get 'bout it...

re heat water and pour over grind... check time... decide what time to pour and remember to pour after 'bout half 'n er...

sit down in front of the box... remember to drin k coffee and go back to the kitchen to get it and discover it was next to my other mouse.

coffee is strong, not cold and good....

can't figure how to get into lj and discover the whole passwerd thing only werks when you are using a cookie enabled browser.

this idea surfaces once i have logged in too many times to fuss 'bout...

so now here i am and terre t is waking my rake while i dl more to contiue the marathon.

kusf has competition for my attention 'course kusf needs archives.

tool tonight 7th row.

new truck this week. old truck to be cleaned this weekend.

for sale 3/4 ton 1995 GMC 5.7 k2500 4X4 wht ext cab truck w/ collateral damage to esthetics. it is a werk truck


rebuilt tranny 2742. may. don's tranny san leandro, ca.
new muffler and catalytic convertor x mas and will pass smog like new.
new ABS calipers & rotors last year.
standard eleven yr old chevy oil issues w/ some new oil lines & seals 6 months old.
yr old altnator
yr old radiator
6 month startr
BGP commecial 10 ply tires 1.5 yrs
med cold AC
pwr windows & locks

08:04pm 22/08/2006
mood: er...
so you know...

i used to post on sg and it was good, dirty fun. the porn, the socks and the frenz. and.... then... it happened... the dissolution of the suspension of disbelief. voltairew, sicily and the rest....

i made this account, then, posted a minute, then life and the rest...

it is now.

my place is quiet, just me, no grrl, food from the spot, tulan, two guinness from the arrow. there was a bartender i didn't remeber, tho i don't go ever often, tattoos, red collar bone, square shoulders. liked the hair, no tailgate. homecookin' gots it beat.

the day was wicked, in my head, the real, it was good.

yesterday's drama ss today's malarchy... glad it's not me.

i'm workin' on keepin' my nose vclean.

somebody, a couple of somebody's, in the echelons, made the move for the props on my doorstep, that was cool, nobody has to do anything in this world and that was much appreciated. took it to the top to. the cause to change my brain. flippped my tude and look out.

just enough irish to keep it fellow.

where's the porn?

sundays and what the fuck about monday   
11:04am 02/10/2005
mood: apathetic
today shall be a version of practicality.

a focus on the necessary and the fruition of the obvious.

is sg a scam?   
06:27pm 28/09/2005
mood: discontent
you know... i like porn. i like sg. i don't equate sg as porn. my girlfriend does. she was also my date at the sg prom 2005. now there has been a lot of drama on sg on the down low. old school members are dropping like flies. censorship is at it's highest and sg is zotting anyone who murmurs anything near the truth. what is the truth. the way sg exec eschelon is handling matters is atrocious. it seems and it is all second hand but there are documents showing perhaps otherwise. the big seller on sg is empowerment. started by "missy" suicide or was it? i don't know. the document listed here id's a man, this man as the owner. does this publication demand that all shareholders or partners be listed in their totality. i am not informed enough to discern a clear enough understanding. i know that a lot of the exec journals stink funny. i feel that a lot of the statements about suicidegirls ring true to me. you can peruse some of them along the following...

sgirls the original, one and only OPEN forum for LJ members to discuss SG

archived info updated the entry tags for sgirls to denote every post sin_aesthetik could find on the topic of archived girls

gloomdolls statements that sicily former sg made in regards to current sg drama

sicily former sg's lj

violetblue's blog in relation to the current sg drama

i am only coming along today to understanding the murky dicontent on that site. i have been busier this year via analog joy so my attention has been sparse. i want to know more. i feel that if it is just porn then don't sell me a bridge but if you're gonna be empowering then stop the censorship, give the ladies a voice with freedom and show us a document where missy is listed as the owner as well. censorship is motivated by fear. what are they afraid of? aloha, j